Oregano 10ml
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50 g
Mental & Emotional Health
Can increase the mobility, is a 'door-to-door' usage. It can help stimulate the original enthusiasm, so that once you are a warm-blooded youth, you regain its blood strength.
Oregano oil is yellow-red or brown-red, has all the spicy odor of thyme, and is widely used in aromatherapy. It can be used to treat many physical diseases. It is a natural antibiotic.
Origin: France
Functions :
  1. Natural Alternative to Antibiotics
  2. Helps Reduce Side Effects From Medications/Drugs 
  3. Helpful for Managing Inflammatory Conditions (Such as IBD or Rheumatism)
  4. Help Treat Parasites
  5. Helps Treat Digestive Issues (Including SIBO & Heartburn) 
  6. Helps Treat Athlete’s Foot 
  7. Treatment of colds, flu, respiratory infections
  8. Against viruses (skin infection or trauma)
  9. Natural painkillers 
  10. Against fungal infections

Precautions & Taboos:
- Cchildren under 6 years old need to consult doctor before use.
- Medical conditions including pregnancy, please consult doctor or professional aromatherapist before use.
- Avoid contact with eyes.
- Do not use directly on skin without diluting with base oil.
1. Athlete's Foot, Onychomycosis, Hong Kong Foot: 4 drops of oregano + 4 drops of tea tree + warm water - 2 times a day
2. Inflammation of the wound, fungal infection: 2 drops of oregano + 2 drops of tea tree + 2 drops of lavender + 10ml of jojoba oil - smear on the affected area
3. Daily cleaning, anti-spasmodic, parasites: 15 drops of oregano + 15 drops of thyme + 100 ml of clean water - spray on furniture and insects
4. Cold, Flu: 3 drops of oregano + 3 drops of tea tree + 3 drops of lavender - incense
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