Shadow Ultrasonic Diffuser
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With Our Projector Diffuser You can really add amazing lighting and feel into any room at night. With it's dazzling design, an atmosphere of warmth and peace is created.Children are loving these too and many sleep very well with these turned on due to the relaxing fog and the soft ambiance of light projected.
Perfect For Any Room:
These units are perfect for bedrooms, offices, or any area of your work or home.With the oil infused  you can make the air fresher, and protect or boost your family's health.The amount of fog can be adjusted according to the space requirements.
Diffuser Specification as follows:
Diffuse mode: Continuous up to 6 hours.
LED Light: 7-colours changing mode
Material: PP + ABS
Capacity: 150ML

Package : 1x Shadow Diffuser + 1x Standard Orange 10ml
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